If not now, then when?



Seventy six years ago Napoleon Hill published Think and Grow Rich, a personal development book aimed at people who dream of pursuing their passions for a living.  He particularly targeted those of you who need a little encouragement to get started!  

Napoleon Hill suggests that we shouldn’t waste time waiting for the perfect set of circumstances. There will never be a right time.  Whether you have just bought a house, had a baby or worry about the state of the economy, the list of reasons why you shouldn’t take a risk right now will always be endless.  But if not now, then when?

Think and Grow Rich is available to download for free here!

In a gentle way, you can shake the world

Susan Cain believes that you don’t have to have an extroverted personality to change the world. Both Rosa Parks and Gandhi were introverts who became the focus of public attention. The spotlight may not have been a natural habitat for either of them but they were driven by a need to do what they thought was right. We need introverts to shake the world in a gentle way.